Haku 2 In 1 Switch Opener

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You have not been able to find an AMAZING switch opener that can be used for both MX and Kailh switches.

The ones you have found so far are either poorly designed for actual use or they only support one type of switch.

And that's a real problem... It doesn't make sense for you to buy 2 different switch openers and it just feels horrible to use a bad designed one (sorry Nutcracker).

Instead we have been part of getting the Haku 2 in 1 MX & Kailh Switch Opener available for you to open your switches in just A SINGLE SECOND

This not only make the time consuming act of lubing your switches shorter but you get to enjoy it more as well... At least we do!

When we ourselves went from sitting there and fiddling with one switch opener after the other, to using this 2 in 1 switch opener we quite literally went from spending upwards of 20 seconds opening a single switch to spending only 1 second...

But why is it so damn incredible?

It's for 3 main reasons:

1) You place it on the table - This makes it stable and all you have to do is push the switch down.

2) It has good weight to it - It won't skate around like Bambi on ice.

3) It 2 in freakin 1! - You won't have to spend time looking for 2 different switch openers. This one sticks together with magnets.

One last reason this will drastically improve your custom mech experience... It simply looks pretty damn good on images when you're going to flash your new build on r/mechanicalkeyboards

Click 'Add To Cart' and get yours now, we only got a small amount in stock at a time.



Material: Aluminum Alloy + Metal Magnet N30

Size: 5x5x3cm or 2x2x1.2in

Net Weight: 113g or 4.2oz

Compatible: Kailh, Gateron and Cherry MX Switches

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